Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Picture's of the Kids

Barb took Shayna,Tanner,and Brooklin to take new pictures. Tawnee came along with Barb and her and Shayna took some really cute friend pictures. Here are a few. I will try to update more of them later.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Update on the Madness

I don't even know where to start on what we've been up to the last couple of weeks. Last week was Parent/Teacher Conferences. I LOVE those (for now anyway). It takes about 5 minutes to see their teachers and they always say great things about them. Where they learned it I'm not sure. Brooklin didn't get a report card this time, she did last time and the only area she was lacking in is picks up after herself. She got an "N" for NEVER. I'm training her well. Here's a look at the lastest report cards.

Patrick did another bike race last weekend in Scottsdale. It was the Tour de Cure (for Diabetes). Another 63 miler under his belt. He said it was a good ride and the kids and I enjoyed another weekend of hanging out with the Gardners and Johnsons (I sure am glad he picked good riding partners). The kids got to swim and we enjoyed the heck out of the valley weather. Saturday we went and stayed with Garrett and Amy. It's always fun to stay there. Thanks guys! Sunday afternoon we drove home and Monday was the start of a HECTIC week. Two words - LITTLE LEAGUE!! Just to give you an idea Patrick got home about 11 last night (after drafts and tryouts) and the phone starts ringing at 7am this morning. I had 5 people call and my doorbell rang 5 times before 10 this morning!! Things should get better after we start the season (April 12th). Until then, my kids may be hungry and my house may be in shambles.... I'm sure it will also require EXTRA trips to Sonic.

Shayna has been sick the last couple of days. Lots of ibuprofen (I think grouchiness is a side effect of so much medicine - she's been a little unbearable). Hopefully she'll be back to herself soon. Tanner is just enjoying life. He loves scouts and is looking forward to playing little league with his friends and cousin Trey. Brooklin - WOW, she's successfully mastered demolishing three rooms (in nothing flat) while I work on little league and primary stuff. She keeps us entertained and we're loving her third year of life. She had to take a leprechaun trap to preschool last week, what a treat. I had the cutest picture of it on my camera but I just went to upload it and it's been replaced by 42 pictures of the seat of my car. Uh, wonder who did that? Needless to say we didn't "trap" any leprechauns.

Lastly, we are looking forward to Spring Break next week and hope to get somewhat caught up. Hope everyone is doing well. Have a Happy Easter.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Typing Test

122 words

Speed test

I know it's totally off - but try it out and see how you do...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Reasons Why I CANNOT Quit Caffeine

I attempted to quit soda on Saturday and actually made it until Tuesday. I felt the headache coming on and decided now is not the time... After looking at my calendar this week I think it was a wise decision, what do you think? Does anyone else ever feel like when it rains it pours? This is NOT my favorite time of year. Little League season is CRAZY for us and it also brings with it that fabulous Taylor wind. Who doesn't love that? For all of my valley friends and family, don't be surprised if I show up on someone's doorstep to spend the next few months with you.......

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

STOP the Snow, STOP the Snow, STOP the Snow

OK - it was just a couple of postings below and we were so glad our first snow was here and we were loving it. Now it's just old!! Two NO SCHOOL snow days this week - YUCK. Here's a few pictures of the first snow day. Yes there are three kids under that snow somewhere. Patrick was driving the four-wheeler and I was riding it backwards while taking pictures. Tanner yelled the whole time "I'm too young to die!" It was really fun for about 20 minutes and then I tried to catch up on the laundry it created for the next two days (gotta love six layers of clothes on each kid). It is a beautiful wet snow, but not that great to live in.